1050 Remuera

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1050 Remuera is a multipurpose development located in Auckland's vibrant villages. It is a modern urban hub that offers space for beauty, fashion, hospitality and retail. The project is comprised of eight sites combined into a single integrated urban precinct. It boasts an elegant arcade, laneways, storefronts, and pavilions that cater to people who enjoy cafes, great food, beauty and fashion. The site features a blend of both period and contemporary architecture, including a four-story brick building with beautiful curtain walls on the service lane. The windows use APL Architectural series and Flushglaze 100mm for the curtain walls, which provide a sleek and modern look. The glass, including the special curved glass, is supplied by Metroglass, ensuring that the site is visually stunning and practical.


  • APL Commercial 100mm Shopfront System
  • APL Metro Series