Environmental Policy

Door + Window Systems recognises its role as a leader in our industry we must conduct business in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. We understand that protecting the environment is essential to creating a sustainable business future and actively seek to minimise the environmental impact of all Door + Window Systems activities. 

Door + Window Systems will; 

- Strive to minimise the environmental impact of our daily business operations and embrace initiatives that protect the environment

- Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and consents

- Clearly communicate environmental management practices to staff and support their full implementation

- Encourage the efficient use of resources promoting, reduction, reuse and recycling where practical

- Avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products, seeking substitutions where possible 


- Our aluminium supplier APL recycles all scrap aluminium directly with the smelter at Tiwai Point

- Door + Window Systems factories recycle all scrap aluminium at local recyclers

- Where possible broken glass is returned for recycling into insulation which is made up from more than 80% recycled glass or used in civil construction projects

- Off cuts of uPVC created during the manufacturing process are recycled in New Zealand by Marley

- Wooden case bases are sent back to APL for reuse
- Packing case outers which are made from recycled paper are all recycled
- Polystyrene packers, shrink wrapping and interleaving plastic are all recycled 

Door + Window Systems incorporates energy efficiencies into all plant and equipment when upgrading or replacing. We use LED lighting where possible throughout our factories. The Door + Window Systems fleet is maintained to a high level and where possible modernised to increase fuel efficiency. 

To cater for the greater emphasis on energy efficiency in homes, Door + Window Systems has three ranges of thermally efficient windows and doors. Our project managers encourage top performing joinery to ensure buildings are as energy efficient as possible. 

The Klima Series of windows and doors is a uPVC window system that when combined with Low-E double glazing is rated to a maximum 6 energy stars under WEERS (Window Energy Efficiency Rating System). They are made from a highly durable uPVC, an environmentally friendly lead free formulation. The Metro ThermalHEART and Residential ThermalHEART ranges when combined with low emissivity double glazing significantly reduces home heating and cooling costs. All ThermalHEART windows and doors have a nylon insulator incorporated in every aluminium profile which provides a highly effective barrier for minimising heat loss and the development of condensation. ThermalHEART ranges offer up to 35% more thermal efficiency than standard double glazing. 

Double glazing options also increase the energy performance of windows and doors, making for a more comfortable home year-round. Low-emissivity glass allows in light and heat, reducing heat loss by up to 30%. Combined with an inert gas such as Argon heat loss can be reduced further by up to 9%.