Thermal Efficiency for your home - things to consider!

Thermal Efficiency for your home - things to consider!


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Factors to consider

On average, windows and doors make up just 10%* of the building envelope but they have a significant impact on a home's thermal performance so they're an important element to get right. There are a few factors to consider when planning your windows and doors for thermal efficiency:



Windows gain more heat in summer and lose more heat in winter than any other surface in the home so you'll want to consider how the sun moves over your home through the year so you can optimise the position of your windows and doors. In the winter you'll likely want to capture the sun and in the summer you'll likely want to reduce the solar gain to keep the house cooler.

Positioning windows and doors in such a way to encourage air movement means that a breeze will pass through the whole of the room to move unwanted warm and damp air. Ideally, windows would be at different heights and not directly in line with each other across a room to achieve cross-ventilation. Good ventilation removes the airborne moisture that is harder to heat and contributes to condensation.



Window systems are responsible for at least 40%^ of heat lost from your home so any improvement you make will have a big impact on the overall thermal performance. Double glazing with an inert gas fill such as argon or krypton between the glass sheets helps to slow the flow of heat in and out of the house as the gas is a poor thermal conductor. This can be further improved by choosing a thermally efficient frame, such as ThermalHEART or uPVC Klima Series.

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