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Icon Range

Icon is New Zealand’s first fully integrated range of stainless steel hardware for aluminium windows and doors. Icon products have an outstanding look, and when properly maintained are suitable for most environments.

The square-edge, rectangular lines provide a contemporary look across the range of window and door handles. Icon hardware is made from 316-grade stainless steel, and provides maximum resistance to rust when maintained.

‣  Icon Wedgeless Fastener - This fastener for residential awning and casement windows blends square-edged and radiused aesthetics. There is a matching grey nylon wedge.

‣  Icon Window Fastener - The Icon window fastener with separately fixed wedge is designed for high specification window systems - including APL Architectural Series.

‣  Icon Interior Lockset - Matching aesthetics are a feature of the lever handle for interior doors. There is a privacy option which has a locking snib that is pushed up and down.

‣  Icon Bi-fold Operator - This swivel operator throws locking stainless steel bolts into the frame at the top and bottom of the panel. Optional key-locking (separately installed) is available.

‣  Icon Sliding Door Handle - Fixed to the door on both the interior and exterior with a mortice lock fixed separately. Length options - 325mm, 630mm, 930mm and 1830mm.

‣  Icon Sliding Door Flush Pull - An alternative to a sliding door handle, this offers a more understated look. It’s ideal for lighter sliding panels. A mortice lock is fixed separately.

‣  Icon Lever Door Lock - A clean compact lever handle with four-point locking. A lifting movement of the handle activates locking rods at top and bottom of the door. Available in two sizes.